JUST LAUNCHED! The "Keomi Love Club" Loyalty Program

Earn Rewards and Save!

As one of our valued customers, it's important to us that you understand how much we value your business. Today, we've started a new way to do just that – we launched an innovative new loyalty rewards program!

As a participant, once you've racked up enough points, you can exchange them for huge discounts in our store! It's our way of showing you how honored we are that you've chosen to shop with us.

Earn points for actions

Create an account
100 Points
Happy Birthday
100 Points
Refer a friend
500 Points
10 Points Per $1.00
Leave a Review
300 Points

Redeem points for discounts

$5 Off
1000 Points
$10 Off
2000 Points
$20 Off
4000 Points

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