About Us

Our Mission

Keomi Naturals is a luxury skincare & natural products company, committed to producing the finest, most fragrant, all natural and organic products for your body. Therapeutic for both mind & body, Keomi Naturals products are for all kinds of people & skin. Always nurturing, handcrafted, cruelty-free, organic & fair trade and made with a no compromise approach. The very best in quality, at a fair price.

Our Story

Keomi Naturals - About UsKeomi Naturals was founded in 2012 by the ocean of the California coast. It's founder a native from Japan, suffered from eczema since childhood. She found US products to be harsh and irritating to her skin, filled with all kinds of impure, unhealthy ingredients & preservatives and scented with synthetic fragrances.
After looking around and not finding any affordable commercially available products that worked well for her very sensitive skin, she and her husband, set out to share with the world their special handmade formulations. Employing only artisan soap-making craftsmen that follow the traditional "cold process" of soap making, they launched a line of all natural & organic hand made soaps at an affordable price.

The success of their soaps led to later expanding to hand creams and facial oils.Keomi Naturals - location

Today, Keomi Naturals remains committed to offering high quality but affordable natural and organic products made with delicate fragrant oils and flower essences.

Our Philosophy

Ethical & Effective. At Keomi Naturals we believe that investing in your skin, using our highly organic products will leave your skin radiant and glowing. This investment will give you long term youthful results.

Everyday our skin battles with the elements, pollution, stress and aging. Boost your skin with our radiant products and give it the detox it so desperately needs from the chemical world.
The ingredients for our entire range have been carefully selected to provide effective, hard working skin care for you.

Keomi Naturals does not test on animals, does not use parabens, sodium laurel sulphates, or mineral oils in its products.

Keomi Naturals says NO to animal testing

Our Commitment

Our customer service is here to make sure you have the best experience possible with the best products we can make. All Keomi Naturals products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try them at our risk!